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Leitor Biométrico

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Amigos, estou com dificuldades em instalar um leitor biométrico, pois não consigo compilar o programa, podem ajudar !

Vai o código e abaixo os erros:

FPS_Enroll.ino - Library example for controlling the GT-511C3 Finger Print Scanner (FPS)
Created by Josh Hawley, July 23rd 2013
Licensed for non-commercial use, must include this license message
basically, Feel free to hack away at it, but just give me credit for my work =)
TLDR; Wil Wheaton's Law

This simple sketch turns the LED on and off similar to the Arduino blink sketch.
It is used to show that communications are working.

#include "FPS_GT511C3.h"
#include "SoftwareSerial.h"

// Hardware setup - FPS connected to:
//  digital pin 4(arduino rx, fps tx)
//  digital pin 5(arduino tx - 560ohm resistor fps tx - 1000ohm resistor - ground)
// this brings the 5v tx line down to about 3.2v so we dont fry our fps

FPS_GT511C3 fps(2,3);

void setup()
fps.UseSerialDebug = true; // so you can see the messages in the serial debug screen

void loop()
// FPS Blink LED Test
fps.SetLED(true); // turn on the LED inside the fps
fps.SetLED(false);// turn off the LED inside the fps


Fingerprint\FPS_GT511C3.cpp.o: In function `Command_Packet::GetPacketBytes()':
C:\arduino-1.0.1\libraries\Fingerprint/FPS_GT511C3.cpp:19: undefined reference to `operator new[](unsigned int)'
Fingerprint\FPS_GT511C3.cpp.o: In function `FPS_GT511C3::GetResponse()':
C:\arduino-1.0.1\libraries\Fingerprint/FPS_GT511C3.cpp:737: undefined reference to `operator new[](unsigned int)'

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